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Progress Realty Management (PRM) specializes in managing workforce and affordable housing. We offer reasonable rents with a superior quality of life. Supportive Services and community ameneties are an integral part of our neighborhood and available for all of our residents. Our communites are conveniently located close to employers, public transportation, schools, and entertainment. 
Leasing & Support Staff
Property Management Inc. has on-site offices and a fully staffed corporate office to address tenant concerns  and ensure a positive living experience.  Supportive Services are provided by Housing Transitions to assist residents with day-to-day happenings and to facilitate engaging community events.  
Housing Transitions
Through our programs and services hundreds of families receive 
assistance to stabilize their resources so they can use their income for 
other essential needs.
Our hope is that someday everyone will have a safe place to live, food to 
eat, clothes to wear, affordable health care, reliable transportation, friends 
to support and encourage, and the realization that they lack for nothing. 
We invite you to join us on the journey.
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